Top 12 Questions

  • Q:   How many combined years of experience on your team?
  • A:   Over 70 years
  • Q:   How many home buyers are you working with?
  • A:   Over 2,000
  • Q:   How much do you spend on marketing each month?
  • A:   $10,000+ (avg agent <$200)
  • Q:   On average, how long does it take a listing to sell?
  • A:   76 days (avg agent 120+)
  • Q:   How many homes did you sell last year?
  • A:   Over 250
  • Q:   How many homes will you sell this year?
  • A:   300+
  • Q:   How many staff do you employ?
  • A:   11
  • Q:   How many steps are there in your marketing plan?
  • A:  151 complete steps
  • Q:   Do you hold open houses?
  • A:   Yes, everyday!
  • Q:   Do you have a prospect management system?
  • A:   Yes
  • Q:   Are you an expert negotiator?
  • A:   Yes
  • Q:   Do you work with multiple preferred lenders?
  • A:   Yes

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