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At Tyler Goff Group we want to price your home for maximum value. Often, however, many people don’t understand the many factors involved in pricing a home. We believe that knowledge is power, so we are here to let you in on all the secrets. 

External Factors

One common mistake is to focus solely on the house itself when determining value. But there are so many other widely varying factors to consider: the economy, interest rates, and even financial markets can affect the value of your home. 

When your neighbor drops the asking price on her home, the value of your home can drop. If a new subdivision is going in a neighborhood over, the value of the homes in your neighborhood can then go lower as potential buyers are looking for newer homes. 

Those are what we call “external influences on value.” 

influences on value

  • Interest rates

  • New listing

  • Area competition

  • Local economy

  • Builder offerings

  • Neighbor’s price

Internal Factors

Internal factors, on the other hand, are those circumstances over which you have a bit more control, though not always. For example, you don’t typically control your location, any more than you did when you moved in any way. And we’ve all heard the common expression: “location, location, location!”

But other factors you have more control over, like the amenities in your home, say that pool you added last summer, or the central heating and cooling system you installed after you moved in. Those are the parts of your house that you take pride in, and that makes you want to increase the asking price.

influences on value

  • Location

  • Size

  • Amenities

  • Condition

Pricing on Point

The benefits of pricing your home properly are abundant. You don’t want to sit in your house forever because it’s been overpriced. You also don’t want to rush out in desperation and potentially lose thousands. 

The key is to have a realtor you trust to price your home at a desirable price that is also going to make you money. After all, up to 60% of home sales are generated by cooperating agents. We want your buyer’s agent to get excited to negotiate with us, not ignore us altogether because the price is too high or get suspicious and nitpick every step along the way because the price is too low. 

We’re here to find the sweet spot for you. 

of proper pricing

  • Faster sale

  • Less inconvenience

  • Increased salesperson response

  • More Internet response

  • Better sign and ad response

  • Avoids being “shopworn”

  • Attracts higher offers

  • Makes you MORE MONEY!

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