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The more exposure we have, the more potential buyers  to purchase your home.

93% of the US population listens to the radio. Radio talk programs, morning shows, shock-jocks, and listener call-in shows all provide an enormous audience base and comes the closest to “word of mouth” marketing you can get.

Hey There, I’m Chris Carter and I’m Doc Murphy for the Tyler Goff Group with Hegg Realtors in Sioux Falls.

We have a letter here from Craig & Kristin; they had tried to sell their Harrisburg home with two other real estate agents with zero success. This was last fall when we were approaching winter and everyone thinks that people aren’t buying homes.  They listed with Tyler Goff Group, Tyler gave them some staging advice and they actually raised the list price. The result… It sold for full price in just one day while heading into winter.  I guess third time is the charm!

Call Tyler Goff, the phone number that you should call, and it is actually the phone number we would call if we wanted to sell our house, is 605-789-3661 or go to their website TylerGoffGroup.com

A couple of cool things happen when you call that number, the first of which is a guarantee. They will sit down with you and you will agree on market price. When it comes time to sell, they have 67 days... that’s the deadline… 67 days. That is the timeline to find you a buyer, because if they don’t, Tyler Goff will buy your home from you.

With Tyler Goff there is no obligation, you can get out of the contract… no questions asked at any time.

It all starts with a simple phone call… 605-413-4103


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