Are You Connected or Under Contract?

We are often asked, even sometimes gently teased, about our guarantee to buy your home if it doesn’t sell within 67 days. “What?” You ask. “You’ll buy my home? This can’t be real.” To add to that seemingly crazy notion, we also do not require a contract from our clients. That’s right. NO CONTRACT. Yes, we get teased, ribbed, and even laughed at as naive or ignorant. As if we don’t know what we’re doing. 

But here’s the secret: we would say we might be the only ones who do know what we’re doing. Why? Because we know, we are absolutely certain, that the real key to business is not a contract. It’s the connection. We have been in business for several very successful years, and we are so confident that the true “trick” to staying successful is caring about people, caring about you. In fact, our confidence is so high that we’d bet your house on it. And that’s why we offer to buy your house if it’s not sold in 67 days.

So we may seem crazy or naive, but our strategy, connecting with our clients, clearly works, and we have the track record to prove it. Our real goal is to get you what you want, to buy or sell or your home, by practicing what we love and what we’re good at, real estate.

We have faith in ourselves to deliver real, tangible results in the form of expertise, experience, and connection. In the end, we have faith in the most important part of our business: you.

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